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Gili Trawangan Luxury Designer Villas & Vegan Restaurant

Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, Pemenang, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


Rp 12 000 000 000

$ 842 000 USD

Property Description

This incredible fully operational villa and restaurant package deal is scattered across the tropical island of Gili Trawangan. 3 Air BnB listed villas and a bespoke vegan restaurant with excellent ratings. The price at 12 000 000 000 IDR / $ 842 000 USD includes a free PMA company structure with all applicable KBLI’s.

Restaurant - 66m2 Built, 66m2 Land, 11 Year Extendable Leasehold
3 Bedroom Villa - 250m2 Built, 300m2 Land, Freehold
1 Beroom Hilltop Villa - 25m2 Built, 400m2 Land, Freehold
1 Bedroom Beachfront Villa - 50m2 Built, 50m2 Land, 13 Year Extendable Leasehold

These chic bespoke Mediterranean designer villas were created as innovative spaces where one can just be and let creativity flow. The designs are all spacious with high ceilings, white canvas, antique and custom made furniture made at the location mixed with art from travels in Europe, dried flowers, vintage textiles and linen curtains.

The three Villas in combination with the restaurant & co working space work perfectly for hosting retreats with up to 11 beds in total.

At the sunset villa you have your own beach to hold space for fire ceremonies or weddings. The beach is naturally shaped in a circle by the indigenous trees and makes for an idyllic sunset viewing too.

On the hill of Gili Trawangan in the forest the sunrise villa is nestled between beautiful trees and mesmerizing views of the ocean, Gili islands and the volcano mount Rinjani in Lombok.

In the center of the island the 3-bedroom villa is located in the hub, just up the street from restaurant, en-route to sunset side. From here you can easily access the sunset villa and the rest of the pristine sunset side. The garden is full of fruit trees and veggies, private and secluded from the main road. Located outside on the street corner is the islands bakery serving freshly baked bread and pastry every morning.

Bespoke 3 story Mediterranean Restaurant (66m2 Built, 66m2 Land, 11 Year Extendable Leasehold)

The design is spacious with high ceilings, white canvas, antique and custom locally manufactured furniture mixed with art from travels in Europe, dried flowers, vintage textiles and linen curtains. Built in 2012, this beautiful 2 story building with a roof top garden as a third level, is inspired by colonial architecture. With arched windows and exposed white painted bricks the space feels like an airy plant house set on the main corner junction of Gili Trawangan.

The Restaurant is set on 66 m2 of prime land on an island where good land is finite, rare and valuable. The fully equipped open plan kitchen is located on the first floor allowing customers and staff to openly communicate with each other easily and for customers to see how and where the food that is being served is prepared. The staff pride themselves on cleanliness and hygiene and keep separate fridges for veggies, dairy, fruit etc. The fridges are all under counter with glass fronts so that it’s easy for the chefs to work, do inventory and keep the space clean. There is a big freezer box in the kitchen and an Electrolux double gas oven and stove. Above the stove on wooden racks, the spices used in the daily cooking are kept along with the cutlery.

There are window bar stool seats in the arched windows as well as out in front on the sidewalk going around the building. Inside the restaurant there are two big tables and benches, farm communion style, perfect for big groups and for co working space. There is also a plastic free grocery shop on the ground floor where all the stock for the restaurant is kept and where customers can also grocery shop for their homes. Only paper bags are used. There are scales for weighing nuts, seeds, spices, flours etc. and glass jars for oils, vinegars and butters. Customers can also bring their own container.

From the glass front fridges in the grocery shop area, cakes and homemade kombucha is sold, made from flower teas, like rose and butterfly pea. The restaurant itself is also plastic free and only use paper take-away cups and fresh papaya straws instead of plastic to enhance the natural experience.
Downstairs entrance has a total of 24 seats with round Italian marble tables, high window bar tables with rattan chairs and big farm tables are made of antique timber teak doors from java.

Upstairs is made up of an indoor area and an outdoor terrace with a juice & cocktail bar. The bar is equipped with a front viewed wine fridge. This is also where all coffee, tea, juice, smoothies & alcohol orders are prepared. There are 6 glass front under counter fridges in the bar and a big freezer box where all the cut up fruit ready for juice & smoothies are kept. There are 16 seats outdoors on the terrace and two big white umbrellas to shade for the sun as well as the beautiful trees growing all around the restaurant. At night the fairy lights come on and light up the upstairs terrace area in a beautiful and romantic way.

The indoor area upstairs has smaller arched windows and long wooden benches going along the walls with storage inside. The tables here are especially designed for the restaurant and are made in Italian marble with a brass lining and wooden frame. There are also fans upstairs and speakers connected on all three floors where they play music from downstairs.

On the third floor roof top, you can see all the way to the mountains of Lombok and Bali’s famous mount Agung. It’s a beautiful spot for sunset and the area is framed with green trees that encapsulates the space. There is a railing going around the whole roof top and the ceiling is lined with fairy lights. Live music and dj sessions are frequently held here creating some amazing blissful moments. It’s also a good space to hold yoga classes and workshops. At the present moment there are 4 big farm sized tables and white antique chairs furnishing the roof top comfortably seating 20 guests.

The Restaurant has a very good chef and manager that can run the place on her own. She has worked 6 years in the company and can cook all dishes and train new staff too. The menu is currently vegan and vegetarian. Everything is cooked in the kitchen including the sauces.

Designer Mediterranean Double Story 3 Bedroom Villa (250m2 Built, 300m2 Land, Freehold)

This luxurious three-bedroom villa is located in the central part of Gili Trawangan in an area where many other expats villas are located. The Villa was built in 2010-2011 and is set on 300m2 of prime real estate. The design of the villa is very spacious with 8m high ceilings and big 4,5-meter-high windows. The inside of the villa is a modern open plan living layout with a huge 3m kitchen island concealing the under counter fridges and freezers.
In the same space there is the living room and enormous corner shaped wooden sofa designed and made especially for the villa. The tv is a 52 inch Samsung smart TV. In the kitchen and living room area there are also two air conditioning units.

There are two bedrooms’ downstairs. One bedroom is located towards the garden and has a white wooden bunk bed and wooden floors. The other bedroom is a guest bedroom with a 120 cm bed and closet. Upstairs is the big rounded balcony and space where you can have an office, or a rest area, yoga space. There are two big wooden wardrobes made for the house and a sort of walk in closet area.

The Queens bedroom upstairs has a 180 cm bed, timber floors, timber walls and “bedeg” braided bamboo wall. The windows open up as doors to the terrace and small balcony for flowers on the side of the house.

The upstairs terrace has a massage bed and a parasol, 4 beanbags in white and little coffee tables. Downstairs on the outside terrace there is a dining area and two hanging chairs for relaxing and having the morning coffee while enjoying the beauty of the garden. On the backside of the villa, outside the kitchen there is another private and secluded garden terrace.

The kitchen windows were made extra big so that it feels like you are outside in the garden while cooking. Also the big windows in the living room area were made to feel like you are living with the trees and inside a plant house. The feeling most people get when they enter the villa is that it is a place where they can breathe and just be.
The villa is listed on Air BnB and has excellent ratings.

Chic 1 Bedroom Designer En-Suite Eco Beachfront Villa (50m2 Built, 50m2 Land, 13 Year Extendable Leasehold)

With this magical villa you have your own beach to hold space for fire ceremonies or weddings. The beach is naturally shaped in a circle by the indigenous trees and makes for an idyllic sunset spot. The villa is located on the sunset side of the island on a 50 m2 piece of land and was built in 2019. It also has a beach in front which is furnished and used by the villa but one cannot own a beach so it is a public area just being utilized by the villa.
This quaint little abode is a beach house haven. It´s built as a ´knock down house made out of Javanese recycled antique teak wood. The ceiling was designed to become more spacious and high and for more windows to fit in at the front and the back of the house. Around the house lay a coconut plantation creating a beautiful calming view of the palm trees swaying in the wind followed though by the blissful beachfront ocean view.

The villa is built as one big room, divided into two parts with long white linen curtains. The bedroom area has a 150 cm high quality bed with storage underneath it. To the left side of the bed is the bathroom which is fully tiled in white subway tiles and grey hexagon stone floor. The shower has brass sanware fixings and the sink and toilet are highest quality Toto.
To the right of the bed is the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen overlooks the coconut grove. There is a tiny oven in the kitchen, 3 cooker tops with gas, a sink and a glass fronted bench fridge.

On the walls there are wooden racks for the cutlery. There is also an amplifier to the 4 big JBL waterproof speakers in the kitchen as well as the safety deposit box. There is also another door in the kitchen for a breeze creating dual entrances to the villa.
On the other side of the dividing curtain is the living room area, the big sofa made from recycled teak wood and the day bed also made for the villa. Both the sofa and the day bed can be made in to proper beds and there are extra sheets and duvets for both of these beds stored under the bigger bed in the villa.

There are air-conditioning units as well as fans. Two of the JBL speakers are indoors and the other two are located on the beach for when you want to play music all the way out to the beach or have a party with friends.
Inside of the villa there is also a glass fronted wine fridge, glass lanterns and antique furniture. At the front terrace there is a round wooden dinner table with rattan chairs and a coffee table with two lower rattan chairs.
On the beach there are 5 hammocks, 2 white umbrellas for the sun, a big dinner table made of antique wooden doors and white antique chairs. Five bean bags in white and little nooks with coffee tables and chairs.
You can make your own bonfire here, have your own sunset beach party, host a retreat or a wedding. It´s a beautiful space and a unique place.

The villa is also listed on Air BnB with excellent booking rates.

Eco Mediterranean Designer 1 Bedroom Freestanding Villa (25m2 Built, 400m2 Land, Freehold)

This stunning little abode was built in 2017-2018 on the top of the hill of Gili Trawangan on 400 m2 of land. It is a tiny house concept created as an experiment in living small and sustainable. The house is made of antique recycled teak wood from java. The roof and floor is made of recycled iron wood.

The house in embedded in the forest with magnificent views of nature, the ocean, the volcano and most importantly the sunrise. The sun rises here every morning at 5.45 and it is the absolute best time of the day. You can also enjoy beautiful sunsets from the hill, just a short walk away from the house.

The tiny living house has a small terrace in front with sofa, chair and Italian marble table to enjoy the view. Indoors white linen curtains hang in all windows and as a room divider upstairs where the loft is. The ceiling is 4,5 meters high, higher than the house is wide. The height of the ceiling makes this tiny house feel spacious.

While designing and building the house the owner removed as much wood as she could to insert glass instead. This way you can see more of the magnificent nature around the villa and the big grandmother tree holding space in front of the land. In the tree there is also a swing from the view point and a hammock to relax in while taking in the view or just to take a nap in the tree. She built a small kids house here too, equipped with toys and a small kitchen as well as windows and a door.

Inside of the tiny living house you first have the living room area, a sofa with storage space inside. The kitchen is furnished with an Italian marble top, Electrolux gas stove and beautiful big white sink. The fridge is also under counter with a glass front and the freezer is kept downstairs under the house in the basement where there are also water tanks and bio septic tanks. The water is fresh water pumped up into the two tanks from the bottom of the hill. The bio residue is used as fertilizer for the crops.

There is a bedroom downstairs with an 80 cm bed and storage under the bed. Next to the bedroom is a bathroom which is fully tiled in white subway tiles and grey hexagon stone floor. The shower has brass sanware fixings and the sink and toilet are highest quality Toto. There are windows in the bathroom to so that you can view the forest and ocean while showering.

To go upstairs there is a sliding staircase that can be moved diagonally across the unit. There is a 120 cm high quality bed, antique wooden boxes for tables and a unique vintage art collection.

It’s a special place for those who seek solitude and love being in nature. Just a 5 min walk down the hill and you are in central Gili Trawangan. The ocean is never more than a 10 min walk away even from the top of the hill. It’s perfect for honeymooners, for lovers, for those who want to meditate and do yoga, or write a book.
This beautiful villa is also listed on Air BnB with excellent booking rates.


Jean-Pierre Roux

+62 819 1770 3388

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Bespoke Restaurant & Luxury Villas





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Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, Pemenang, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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