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Project Management

Service Description

Construction projects involve a great deal of time and capital, so effective construction management skills are required if the projects are to be completed within the established timeline to meet cost limitations and quality requirements. In the building and construction industry, staying cost effective and competitive requires core competencies for coordinating the job sites, controlling costs, and managing risk at their construction sites.
We are able to work with our client’s choice of contractors and architects and do not limit our project management services exclusive to our architectural and construction service providers, however, our general process would include provision of the full scope of services which would entail appointing an architects best suited to our client’s needs.
Once the architectural design process approaches finality, the contract is put up for tender to a select choice of trusted and vetted contractors to ensure the most competitive market related construction costs or provided for our client’s. Both the appointed architects and contractors work to binding design and construction contracts with design and construction guarantees.
Our services include:
• Design Coordination
• Construction Planning
• Construction Permit Applications
• Quality Control
• Contract Management
• Monthly progress and budget reports


Architects  - Interior Design - Construction

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Commercial and Residential Development, Design and Build, Project Management, Real-Estate


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