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Investing In Bali

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

So many people dream of immigrating to the breath taking island of Bali but have no idea where to start, how to invest or what the process entails. This is often an endeavor filled with more questions than answers, he says-she says media articles, controversial blogs and horror stories of foreigners that have taken short cuts and paid the price.


Bali is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world but has long relied on an economy dependent almost entirely on its annual tourism. Post the impact of the current Covid 19 pandemic, the government has had to reflect on its economic structures and in retrospect has revised many of its immigration and investor policies. This has all been in an aim to promote the interest of foreigners who wish to invest in and work from Bali.

Despite the economic reliance that Bali has built on a booming tourism industry, tourism in itself has had both a positive and a negative impact on the island in many respect. Yes' tourism has in the past brought about opportunity and job creation in many sectors but has had an absolutely devastating ecological impact and the ever churning cogs of development has played its role in diminishing the culture of the island and its people.

The key for the future lies in sustainability, in finding the balance between steady and gradual economic growth whilst avoiding over development. Indonesia is filled with opportunity, rich with mineral resources and blessed with an abundance of highly skilled craftsman and artisans. Investing in the majestic island of the Gods all starts with registering your PT-PMA company with the garnished with the applicable KBLI's for your desired business functions.

Speak to one of our friendly consultants at The Meraki Concept to find out how we can help structure your business and assist you with structuring your own lucrative investment opportunities. The Meraki Concept not only offers a comprehensive service solution for your residential and commercial development ambitions but offers amazing investment opportunities with immigration options such as SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicle) as well as highly lucrative land banking opportunities in Bali, Lombok and Flores island.

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